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Making a Return to More To Life Bookstore

We’re sorry that you find it necessary to return of all or a portion of the merchandise you received; but rest assured, we want you to have exactly what you need and want!

Please note that if you purchased an item on this website that was MAILED to you, you must complete this form and mail it back to our mail-order fulfillment warehouse (as specified below). If you purchased an item IN OUR STORE, please do NOT mail it back to us. Items purchased in our store need to be returned DIRECTLY to our store, not by mail order fulfillment warehouse (they are not equipped to give you credit on orders they did not ship).

By filling in the boxes below and submitting your return below, this form will...

  • Provide you with an email confirmation (immediately sent to your inbox) of your return that you are making.
  • Provide a printed RETURN LABEL (for the outside of your box) and RETURN PACKING SLIP (to go inside the box) that will provide us the information we need to expedite your credit upon receipt of your return. (We normally process returns within five business days, often faster!)
  • Notify our Customer Service Department, as well as our Mail-Order Fulfillment Warehouse personnel, that your return is on the way back to them.

(please read carefully BEFORE submitting your return)

We hope your order is exactly what you wanted and ordered, but if not, we will do everything possible to make it right!

Please note that there are some items that we cannot accept returns on. These include:

  • Items you have had over 30 days from the date of purchase
  • Seasonal items (i.e., Christmas, Easter, VBS, etc) that are within 10 days of the season ending (or of course, after the season is over).
  • Items which are custom-made such as choir robes, furniture, embroidered or engraved items
  • Dated quarterly curriculum after the end of the first month of the quarter
  • Items which were purchased in our store

The above items are not returnable unless they are defective or you received them to you as a result of our error. Items purchased in our store MUST be returned directly to our store and cannot be handled through this website.

If your return was necessitated by a mistake on our part (we did not send what you ordered, we sent the wrong item or quantity, etc), then we will pay for the shipping to return the item to us.  (Your account will be credited for shipping along with the credit for the merchandise.)

If your return is not due to our error, you will NOT be credited for your shipping costs (to you originally or back to us).  Also, please note that if you received "free shipping” for a qualifying order and the return you make causes the order to fall below the "free shipping" qualification level, we will invoice you for the original shipping costs on your order at that level.

Please also note that some items are subject to a re-stocking fee if returned (primarily larger items that are manufactured on demand). Please inquire about this possibility before making your return.  You may do so by emailing our Customer Service department at

We are sorry, but WE CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ITEMS RETURNED WITHOUT EXPLANATION OR IDENTIFICATION, OR LOST IN RETURN SHIPMENT. To help prevent loss in shipment, we urge you to use United Parcel Service (UPS) or insured Parcel Post (U.S. Post Office). Your help in communicating with us allows us to continue our generous returns policy!

How To Submit A Return To More To Life Bookstore

Enter your information (as completely as possible, noting that fields marked with an asterisk are “required” for processing).  You will find all of the requested information below on your original invoice or packing slip (that came with your order), if you still have access to it. If you do not have that information, you can log in to the website, and find it under your ACCOUNT. Copies of all orders are stored there for your reference.

1. Enter original ORDER/INVOICE DETAILS:


* This will be used by our Customer Service Department and will not be used for SPAM or given out.



A value is required.

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4. Print out your RETURN LABEL and PACKING SLIP:

Click SUBMIT below to print out your Return Mailing Label and Return Packing Slip (to send back in the box with your return shipment), then follow the shipping instructions on the returns confirmation page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you ordered the wrong item, or received the wrong item, we will be happy to send a replacement shipment (we will invoice you for it) and issue a credit upon receipt of the items returned.  This will help expedite replacement (where that is needed) by not having to wait for us to receive your return before we send out your replacement order.  Just visit our website or call us (toll-free!) to place your replacement order today, then process your return as needed.